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The FA Portal will be unavailable on April 27th from 7:00am to 10:00am EST for scheduled maintenance.
FA RSP Web Data Submissions: Processing will be stopped on Saturday April 26th at 10:00pm. End users will not be able to submit files for processing. Any files submitted during this maintenance will not be processed. Processing/file submission will resume its normal course after the maintenance task has been completed on April 27th.

Heartbleed bug update:
You may have heard about the Heartbleed bug in the media. The bug exploits a flaw in a popular data encryption standard used in the IT industry, that gives hackers the ability to access data we think is secure. We have assessed this flaw and the Facility Association portal, applications and systems are not vulnerable and not impacted by the Heartbleed bug.

Welcome to Facility Association's Portal, the doorway for specialized access to Facility Association applications.

The Facility Association is an entity established by the automobile insurance industry and recognized under the provisions of The Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act. The Facility Association ensures that automobile insurance is available to all owners and licensed drivers of motor vehicles where such owners or drivers are unable to obtain automobile insurance through the voluntary insurance market.
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